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Good Hands and Arms

I found this fascinating article on “The Arms and the Hands” by Laura Martlock at The Mane Street. I reorganized it in a way it’s easier for me to remember. Enjoy! Good Hands and Arms This seems to be the order of progression: Bad Hands Almost everyone starts off with bad hands due to human instinct: WHY The … Continue reading

Clips for Exercises and Steering

Clips,   clothespins, and barrettes – oh my! Clips, clothespins, and barrettes are great tools to use in lessons! For exercises you can have the rider put them on their horse’s mane or on the saddle pad, then take them back off. Here is a picture of clips in a mini’s mane (imagine it on … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: How to Canter

Here is a great video with lots of how’s and why’s about cantering! Enjoy! I couldn’t figure out how to insert the video on this page, so this link will take you to it.           **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for … Continue reading