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Annie’s Warm Ups and Exercises

Recently a coworker lent me her master’s project from a few years ago, a binder full of Therapeutic Riding Exercises and Activities and Equine Facilitated Learning Activities, to use as a resource for this blog! First I want to share her warm ups and stretching exercises, which include the “how” and the “why” for each one. … Continue reading

Rider Asymmetry Article

When you teach you should always be checking your rider’s alignment from the back. It is easiest to do this when they change directions through the middle of the arena – also a good time to add a tack check. When they pass, check if their spine is straight, their shoulders even, their hips even, … Continue reading

Improving the Seat

This is a nifty little video about the classical seat, some common problems, and exercises to help fix them. Very basic, but good for the beginning instructor, and the visual learner! If that doesn’t work, use this URL: Enjoy! **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for … Continue reading

Warm Ups

This guide to warm ups is a combination of lots of resources I have. More detailed descriptions for various exercises can be found in the resources listed at the end. What A warm up is an activity that prepares the student for their riding lesson by warming up both their upper and lower body and … Continue reading

Resources from the Special Olympics website

I love these resources, so I’m pointing them out in a post! (They are also listed on my Resources page). Equestrian Special Olympics Coaching Guide – explains how to train a student over several months for competing aka lesson planning, various skills and riding information the student needs to know, warm up exercises, stretching and strengthening, correct body … Continue reading

Gymkhana Games and Patterns

(image) Gymkhana offers many great patterns and events to incorporate into your TR lessons! Gymkhana Information What is Gymkhana? Gymkhana is an equestrian event in which riders are timed individually racing through a pattern (such as weaving poles), or compete in games on horseback (such as the egg and spoon race). Riders are given penalties … Continue reading

Trail Class, Obstacles and Patterns

Trail Class Trail is a great subject to incorporate into your lessons. You can use it to… practice skills such as direct steering, using all 4 aids, backing, sidepass, etc. prepare them for outdoor trail rides teach them how to introduce horses to new objects – don’t hold your breath because your horse feels your … Continue reading