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Special Olympics Trail Pattern 1

This was the trail pattern from the Indiana Special Olympics this year. We had fun practicing it with our students so I thought I’d share! The Key: Orange = walk Green = trot (or they can walk the whole thing) Red X = stop The Pattern: Walk and 2 point over the pole between the … Continue reading

Patterns and Stations

This is a neat way to do things shared to me by Ashley of NTRC at the Advanced Workshop I attended. Most of her lessons have lots of riders so this is the format she often uses. Arena Setup Set up the arena into 3 stations, each with a pattern and activity Here we have: 1 … Continue reading

Therapeutic Carriage Driving Lesson Plans

Recently a reader asked if I had any lesson plans for Therapeutic Carriage Driving. While I don’t teach driving, my good friend Missy does, and she has graciously written this wonderful article for us today. Enjoy! Therapeutic Carriage Driving Lesson Plans By Missy Hughes Below I have outlined some different areas and types of activities that … Continue reading

Arena Figures

What are Figures? Figures are “prescribed paths a horse is ridden on in a riding arena…[which] provides markers that can help indicate the correctness in the size or shape of a figure” (wikipedia). Why gives rider feedback about their own skills (a poor circle may indicate the rider sits crooked) gives rider feedback about their … Continue reading

Two Person Drill Team Pattern

I recently made this drill team pattern for two of my riders. They performed it in the Fun Show and it looked great so I thought I’d share, since I couldn’t find any two person drill team patterns out in internet land. Feel free to use it! Things to teach for drill team: how to … Continue reading

Shapes Pattern

Here is a simple game I did a few weeks ago. It can be modified in a million ways! Props: 3 upright or T poles in triangle 4 tall cones in square 8 small cones in circle 4 cards depicting the shapes to be made around the items Arena setup should be as follows, with … Continue reading

Trail Pattern & Leg Yield

Yesterday was the last day of the session, so I wanted to do something extra fun. It was also very hot, so we couldn’t trot. Therefore I made a long trail course! I used it to teach them various obstacles they might encounter on a real outdoor trail ride, as well as work on the specific … Continue reading

Obstacle Course + Grooming Tools

This is a nice activity I did with my students this week: Arena setup: 2 barrels 1 bucket with grooming tools on the first barrel 1 bucket empty on the second barrel 1 ground pole (or more if desired) 4 weaving cones Woah at the barrel. Get a grooming tool. Have rider take a grooming … Continue reading

Resources from the Special Olympics website

I love these resources, so I’m pointing them out in a post! (They are also listed on my Resources page). Equestrian Special Olympics Coaching Guide – explains how to train a student over several months for competing aka lesson planning, various skills and riding information the student needs to know, warm up exercises, stretching and strengthening, correct body … Continue reading