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The Horse’s Movement and Therapeutic Riding

I still feel like the horse’s movement and it’s use in therapeutic riding is a mystery to me beyond the basics. Here are the notes I have collected about it so far. If you have anything to add, or any resources to recommend, please let me know!!! HORSE’S MOVEMENT AND THERAPEUTIC RIDING “The motion of … Continue reading

2014 PATH Intl Conference VIDEOS!

The moment I have been waiting for…the PATH Intl Conference Videos have been put up on the website! I was excited they took video of some of the presentations, because when I had to pick between two I wanted to go to, I chose the one without the video, knowing I could go back and … Continue reading

2014 State of the Blog Report

Belated Happy New Year! One of my favorite part of New Years is the “Annual Report” WordPress sends me about this blog, because I love seeing all the different places people read from. It’s encouraging to know that even thought this planet is so big and often hard to live on, there are other people all over … Continue reading

Fun Foto Friday

Switchin’ it up…it’s Fun Foto Friday! How good are you at identifying what’s been going on in your arena? Can you guess what’s been going on in ours? Name Those Tracks Tracks #1 Answer: Horse backing up. Someone owns a reiner. Tracks #2 Answer: Cat. Note prints appear normal while sauntering into the arena, then spread apart while … Continue reading

Thankful Quote

This is one of my favorite thankful quotes, about the first ride: “We have been on and off the horse many times now. He knows we can get on. And off. So this time we are going to stay on him for a little ride, and with our foot in the stirrup. I am only a … Continue reading

Pool Noodle Stick Horses

It’s Fall Camp! The craft we did today was: Pool Noodle Stick Horses! Our coordinator found this craft idea on a Michigan therapeutic riding center’s Facebook page (who unfortunately we can’t remember! was it you? LMK and I’ll reference you!) – and there are lots of internet blogs with instructions for making them as well. … Continue reading

Favorite Quotes

Some of my favorite horse quotes come from Franz Maringer’s book “Horses Are Made To Be Horses”. They have influenced the way I ride and work with horses, so I thought I’d share. I grouped them into 3 key principles. Enjoy! 1. Preserve the horse’s natural way of moving. “I want you to see that … Continue reading

Intake Assessment II

Recently we started doing a new Intake Assessment process, and I really like it, so as usual wanted to share. These are the assessment activities my current barn now use for new riders and again throughout the year to determine progression in areas of functional ability, based on a nationally published assessment test that one of our … Continue reading