List of Games for Therapeutic Riding

This is a great list of games from a recent new resource I found. Enjoy! Ball toss Game: place targets on the ground with different numbers. Riders are given balls, which they may toss at the targets, while halted or walking, must be 5 feet away. Scores can be totaled for individual riders or teams. … Continue reading

The Horse’s Movement and Therapeutic Riding

I still feel like the horse’s movement and it’s use in therapeutic riding is a mystery to me beyond the basics. Here are the notes I have collected about it so far. If you have anything to add, or any resources to recommend, please let me know!!! HORSE’S MOVEMENT AND THERAPEUTIC RIDING “The motion of … Continue reading

The Lesson Plan – Detailed

This is an extended version of The Lesson Plan – Basic. Long time followers may recognize this, as they all used to be lumped together, but I’ve split them up! Now the Basic version is just the template, and the Detailed version has the explanation. Enjoy! In the beginning I was really confused about lesson planning. … Continue reading

Teaching Competitive Game Skills

A reader recently wrote me asking if I had any games that might be used to help her rider with autism who has a hard time losing sports games, to the extent it takes him several days to recover, and says he hates everything, that his horse is bad, and that he is bad. While I … Continue reading

Saddle Parts Game

Here’s something super easy I made quickly before today’s lesson: The Saddle Parts Game Prep: Print and cut out a picture of a saddle (cardstock works best) Print and cut out words of saddle parts Laminate them and cut them out Hot glue the words to clothespins (Or if you have wood clothespins just write … Continue reading

Volunteer Management

When you first start teaching, it’s easy to fixate on your rider and forget the rest of the world. However, often your volunteers need just as much feedback and praise – if not more! So here are some notes on basic volunteer management. VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT The role of a TRI isn’t just teaching the rider, … Continue reading

Note Sheet for Observing a Lesson

This is a follow up to the post “Watching a Therapeutic Riding Lesson“. In that post I described what to look for when you observe a lesson. Now I am giving you a hand out to use for taking notes. It is especially helpful for Instructors in Training as they learn what to look for … Continue reading

2014 PATH Intl Conference VIDEOS!

The moment I have been waiting for…the PATH Intl Conference Videos have been put up on the website! I was excited they took video of some of the presentations, because when I had to pick between two I wanted to go to, I chose the one without the video, knowing I could go back and … Continue reading