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Calf Roping Game

The calves are loose! You need to get a rope off the fence… rope them… and take them back to the cow pen! Ideally the sidewalker would be closer to the horse, but she was new. It only takes a few reminders of “Always ask yourself, am I close enough to do a thigh hold … Continue reading

Components of a Great Lesson

The following is a great list of what makes a great lesson! We use something similar at my barn for evaluating new instructors. For new instructors: use this list to evaluate yourself after you teach a lesson! If you do this enough, you’ll start remembering the components during your lessons and improve your teaching! For … Continue reading

Mini Lesson Plans

Some instructors write detailed lesson plans. Some instructors have it all in their heads. I started out with the former, and have refined it to a shortened version I keep in my pocket all day. It’s super helpful when you have lots of students, and then you can mark notes on the paper to remember … Continue reading

Lesson Plan Template

I just found this in my notes from a conference. I like the fresh perspective it offers to The Basic Lesson Plan. Lesson Plan Template Transition Calm Down Relax & Stretch Review & Remember New Skill Practice, Figure it out Have Fun (Activity) Hugs & Bonding Do you have any lesson plan templates to share? … Continue reading

Skills Curriculum for Veterans Program

As instructors we are to think in the short term with lesson plans and objectives, and long term with goals and curriculum. Both are forms of skill progression – but one is focused on today, and one is focused on the whole session or year. A friend sent me this curriculum that she has used … Continue reading

Seat Aids – to energize & slow down

Today I researched and taught the seat aids. It worked out pretty well, and I got some great feedback and ideas from a friend, so I thought I’d share! The Seat Aids Helpful Warmups Shoulder circles backward – tends to be tight – one at a time then together “growing taller in your spine” Lift … Continue reading