Dear Reader: Prosthetic Limbs

One of my friends has a question for you all… Dear Reader, Does anyone have any experience teaching individuals with a prosthesis, specifically, a lower leg prosthesis? I am wondering if there is a way to keep the prosthesis from twisting when the individual rides. It is attached via a suspension system, and it is from the … Continue reading

Save the Babies Game

One of our instructors in training played this super cute game with her young riders today, so I asked if I could share it on the blog. I’m not sure what its name was, but this is what I named it. Save the Babies Game Supplies/Arena Setup 3 barrels and 2 sign posts or jump … Continue reading

Crack the Code Game

Crack The Code Game from Carrie at Horsepower! Supplies 3 cones 2 ground poles set 4′ apart 3 barrels Curve arrows Plastic shapes – several sets of 3 different shapes each the same color, with words on each that form an activity or skill to practice when read together (such as: circle/2/cones, 2-point/once/around arena, Trot/4/Long walls, Do/Around The … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: The Sitting Trot

I know it’s Saturday…but I like the title’s alliteration. Today’s videos are about the sitting trot! Video 1: How to Improve your Sitting Trot. Some great teaching techniques. Video 2: The Sitting Trot. Starts with some good hows, and adds some good whys at 2 minutes in.

St Paddy’s Day Activities

Here are some more great holiday game from Carrie at Horsepower! Thank you so much for sharing Carrie! I love  how she incorporates life lessons into her games : ) Shamrock Game Supplies Shamrocks – cut out shamrocks, write plus or minus points between 1 and 10 on the back of each one, and laminate … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Tack Checks

Ok, I know it’s Saturday, but I missed posting it yesterday… Here is a nice little video about tack checks…similar to what you should do every time you check tack! source:

Horse Breeds Game

Here’s a fun game from my friend Carrie at HorsePower!   How to make the game: 1) Find pictures of horse breeds 2) Cut them into two halves each in different ways (zig zag, squiggle, etc.) 3) Laminate each half and cut it out 4) Put velcro on the back (and velcro on the poles, … Continue reading