Gone on Vacation

FYI I will be gone on vaction in Europe until the end of August! Had I been on top of things, I would have asked a few people to make some “guest posts” for me while I’m gone… But I didn’t think of that until now, so if there are any volunteers out there who would … Continue reading

The Next Step: Advanced Instructor Certification

I attended an Advanced Instructor Preparatory Workshop this week at Heartland Therapeutic Riding by Sandy Webster and it’s been so inspiring and motivating! In all honesty, I never thought I’d be interested in (aka confident enough for) Advanced Level Certification, and certainly not so soon after getting the Registered Level Certification, but I got a grant to … Continue reading

Long Distance Mentoring and Certification

Want to become a PATH Intl Certified Instructor but don’t have any therapeutic riding barns nearby to get mentored, shadow, and do teaching hours at? It’s possible! (I just found out, or I would have told you sooner!) Some PATH Intl Mentors are available to do long distance mentoring over video, phone, etc.. To find someone … Continue reading

Calf Roping Game

The calves are loose! You need to get a rope off the fence… rope them… and take them back to the cow pen! Ideally the sidewalker would be closer to the horse, but she was new. It only takes a few reminders of “Always ask yourself, am I close enough to do a thigh hold … Continue reading

Clips for Exercises and Steering

Clips,   clothespins, and barrettes – oh my! Clips, clothespins, and barrettes are great tools to use in lessons! For exercises you can have the rider put them on their horse’s mane or on the saddle pad, then take them back off. Here is a picture of clips in a mini’s mane (imagine it on … Continue reading

Pony Sock Puppets

  This is a super cute camp activity they did at the barn I work at. Use craft supplies to make pony sock puppets! Supplies: glue felt (cut in triangles for ears) socks (make sure to glue things on top, so the heel is used as the bottom part of the mouth) fringe (for forelock) … Continue reading

Therapeutic Carriage Driving Lesson Plans

Recently a reader asked if I had any lesson plans for Therapeutic Carriage Driving. While I don’t teach driving, my good friend Missy does, and she has graciously written this wonderful article for us today. Enjoy! Therapeutic Carriage Driving Lesson Plans By Missy Hughes Below I have outlined some different areas and types of activities that … Continue reading