Favorite Quotes

Some of my favorite horse quotes come from Franz Maringer’s book “Horses Are Made To Be Horses”. They have influenced the way I ride and work with horses, so I thought I’d share. I grouped them into 3 key principles. Enjoy! 1. Preserve the horse’s natural way of moving. “I want you to see that … Continue reading

Teach to the Highest Level

Today’s Teaching Tip comes from the Advanced Workshop I attended, regarding teaching to groups with very different functioning levels of riders: Teach to the Highest Level, Then Adapt.  (As opposed to teaching to the lowest level of rider ability in  group.) The reasoning behind this is that by teaching to the highest level, the lower … Continue reading

Intake Assessment II

Recently we started doing a new Intake Assessment process, and I really like it, so as usual wanted to share. These are the assessment activities my current barn now use for new riders and again throughout the year to determine progression in areas of functional ability, based on a nationally published assessment test that one of our … Continue reading

Patterns and Stations

This is a neat way to do things shared to me by Ashley of NTRC at the Advanced Workshop I attended. Most of her lessons have lots of riders so this is the format she often uses. Arena Setup Set up the arena into 3 stations, each with a pattern and activity Here we have: 1 … Continue reading

Should I get Certified?

I’ve had several recent inquiries regarding whether or not to get certified, so I decided to share my thoughts. The questions came from people with tons of experience with horses, and teaching both able-bodied and disabled riders, who are wondering if they should get certified. Their concerns include:   Is it legal to teach therapeutic … Continue reading

Gone on Vacation

FYI I will be gone on vaction in Europe until the end of August! Had I been on top of things, I would have asked a few people to make some “guest posts” for me while I’m gone… But I didn’t think of that until now, so if there are any volunteers out there who would … Continue reading